Our Ethos

Wheatley’s Has A Vision

Welcome change

At Wheatley’s, we understand that life has a way of unexpectedly changing and how we operate on a day to day basis isn’t necessarily how we should do it tomorrow. We, therefore, embrace change as this is necessary to continue to grow as people and as a business.  A positive, open mindset alleviates fear during change.


At Wheatley’s, we see true humbleness as a virtue, perhaps the solid foundation of all virtues. A humble heart can make a difference whether that be big or small, possibly the key to achievement. We really want to make that difference as we genuinely believe that everyone has an equal right to be heard or, indeed, listened to openly.


At Wheatley’s, we take the time to understand the feelings of our colleagues. This takes time, effort and requires listening, compassion and understanding. We believe that empathy has a direct impact on employee productivity and loyalty and by connecting with colleagues helps us to sustain a thriving company that’s built for the long term.


At Wheatley’s, we are determined to achieve all our goals no matter what. Achievement in the workplace leads to pride and a sense of accomplishment that employees feel about their jobs and employers. In life, there are always obstacles, but it is how you overcome these and stay focused on achieving these that really counts.


At Wheatley’s, we aim to achieve success through great teamwork, working together with our numerous departments, key insurer partners and clients. Teamwork means mutual respect for the unique talents and abilities of every person within the business. We recognise without this we are nothing to the success of our business.


At Wheatley’s, we really do enjoy what we do and who we have been blessed to work with. We have many clients who have supported us over a number of years and we believe that humour is a by-product of positive thinking, builds trust and relationships and is a natural deterrent for stress.


At Wheatley’s, ethical behaviour and practice allows us to hold our heads up high, both as colleagues and as a business. A person who is ethical acts with integrity, honesty and keeps his/her promise and we, therefore, strive to create an environment where we treat others as we would like to be treated.

Your peace of mind

At Wheatley’s, you’ll always be in safe hands with our team and individual Chartered Brokers.  Whether this is at the start of the policy, during the policy or more importantly when you need to claim. You wouldn’t take advice from an unqualified Solicitor or Accountant, so why would you take advice from an unqualified Insurance Broker? Our expertise and qualified advice is your Peace of Mind.

Serve others well

At Wheatley’s, we help people avoid disaster (risk management) and we help businesses get back on their feet quickly after an incident. There is much to be passionate and proud about. We might not be medical surgeons saving lives, but, as a company, we do our best to make the difference that we can.