Employment law advice and service

Get The Right Advice When You Need It

For almost 30 years, Martin Kaye Solicitors have supported businesses both large and small across the Midlands, and beyond. Their expertise ranges from major international mergers and acquisitions involving multi-million-pound deals to the preparation of basic terms and conditions.

All their teams offer a fully integrated approach so however complex the deal, transaction or case, they have an individual specialist or a combined team of experts to achieve the best result for you.

Due to the specialist nature of Employment Law, they have developed their own insurance-backed employment law / HR support package called Alpha.

Wheatley’s recognise that Alpha is a truly flexible HR support package service which can be tailor-made to suit the business needs of our clients, whatever their shape, size or budget. Get the right advice when you need it.

Their team of experienced lawyers focus on pragmatic, robust advice on:

Employee Dismissals/Sacking

If businesses have a fair reason, reach a reasonable decision and follow a fair procedure, they can confidently dismiss an employee.

Sickness Absence

Absence from work because of sickness can put your business in a tricky situation, particularly if you have no sickness absence policies in place for dealing with it.

Performance Management

Managing performance is key to how well your employees will be engaged in their work and how well they will perform. Performance management is central to the relationship between employers/managers and employees.


Redundancy is a form of dismissal. It can happen, for instance, when an employee’s job no longer exists. If an employee is made redundant, they may be eligible for certain rights such as redundancy pay, time off to look for another job and consultation with the employer.

Employee Disciplinary

Employers should put their disciplinary procedures in writing and make it easily available to their staff. The employee disciplinary procedure should say what performance and behaviour might lead to disciplinary action and what action the employer might take.

Employee Grievance

Employee grievances are concerns, problems or complaints raised by a staff member with their employer. Employers should have their employee grievance procedure in writing and make sure all staff are aware of any policy or procedure.

Why is Martin Kaye’s Alpha support package different?

From speaking to our new and prospective clients, we know there is widespread dissatisfaction with many personnel support providers and their employment protection packages. The patchy, arm’s length, telephone backed service manned by ‘HR consultants’ rather than qualified lawyers regularly fails to deliver and provide adequate protection. The advice is often tailored to meet insurance company requirements and to add insult to injury, many tie you in for a 3 to 5 year period.

The Alpha HR support package is different. It is a completely flexible product that can be whatever you want it to be.

  • Choose from 2 different services or ‘mix and match’ to suit the individual needs of your business
  • Prices and products to suit all budgets and they guarantee to price match any comparable product
  • Rely on robust, no-nonsense advice from their team of qualified employment lawyers
  • Access to top-quality barrister representation at Tribunals guaranteed
  • No extended tie in and no hidden costs
  • Enjoy the additional support of the lawyers in the Martin-Kaye LLP commercial department with corporate, intellectual property, dispute resolution, debt collection and commercial property expertise
  • Discounted legal services for all of your staff
  • Work with any of their tried and tested joint venture partners including health and safety, electronic licence checking, finance, insurance, HMRC health checks, accountancy services and occupational health
  • Make use of their bespoke legal expenses insurance to protect you from the cost of defending a Tribunal claim
  • Every business is allocated their own personal employment specialist
  • In-house personnel training bespoke to the requirements of your business